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All characters - Enigma - 02-03-2020


I coming with a maybe stupid question, but it's very important for me. Can be possible to get all characters (with premium characters) by mod, trainer, data change etc.? 

Huge thanks for answer.

RE: All characters - MangaD - 02-03-2020

Hello and welcome to HF Empire!

The question is not stupid, but the answer may disappoint you. This website and its team are loyal to the game's creator, we are the official fan site after all! This means that we fully support Marti Wong and its game, and will not do things that harm them.

Premium accounts exist in order to financially support the author. More financial support and more players translate to better chances of the game being further developed in the future. After all, Mr. Marti won't waste years of his time on a project that gives him nothing in return, when he could be working for a big company and earning a lot of money (as he currently is).

Short answer: Yes, it is possible to unlock all characters through cracking - which some bad Chinese crackers did in the past - but we do not support that kind of thing here. If your modifications bring value to the game they are more than welcome, but if they disrespect the author, they are not.

RE: All characters - Hyeperion - 11-04-2020

how i find the premium account version? please if you can answer my question i thanks you.  Smile

RE: All characters - MangaD - 11-04-2020


Don't know what you mean with "premium account version". The latest HF version can be downloaded here or here. You can then buy premium account if you so desire.