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Pete's comic sheets - Pete P. - 18-11-2014

Just some hand-made (with pencil) comic sheets edited with photoscape. Hope you like the design and the dialogs. Enjoy and comment!

RE: (Pete/O.H.)'s comic sheets - MangaD - 28-11-2014

Very funny and entertaining comics OH! :D

I especially like the expressions you manage to put on their faces, very funny. :p

But as you know, I can barely read the dialogs, perhaps you ought to try out making some speech bubbles with Photoshop (tutorial) or GIMP (tutorial).

RE: (Pete/O.H.)'s comic sheets - Pete P. - 28-11-2014

Thank you very much...
i know i know... Im just too lazy to do so. But if i do i use the photoscape tool. I used it to make the dialogs at some of the comics, if you can make out the dialogs at these comics then it worths the time to do so with the rest....anyways I will remake the dialogs, just wait for update!!!

Example... hope this is better! more coming soon (Click to View)