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HF improvement ideas
In the event of Hero Fighter becoming modifiable one day, here's a list of ideas to implement. Anyone can contribute with ideas, but they should be easy to implement, mainly changing things that already exist.

Strikethrough features have been implemented in HF v0.7+.
  • Independent team.
  • Background color. (easy)
  • Network chat.
    • Selectable text and clickable links. (easy)
    • Don't erase after starting game. (easy)
    • Increase the allowed input length. (easy)
  • Remove popups for setting low resolution and for adding a character to the screen. (easy)
  • Add ice soldiers and hell ghosts to VS summary screen. (easy)
  • Fix P2 bug in network Battle mode.
  • When clicking random music and random bg, do not randomize more than once.
  • Add a "Ping / Latency" column in room list to check latency to each room. (hard)
  • Add more backgrounds and musics to VS dropdowns. (easy)
  • Room Server related
    • Add banned alert when joining a room instead of just connection lost. (easy)
    • Let room server know who won the fight.
  • Allow playing with soldiers
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