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[Story] Write a weird story
And then the creature - now called Azrael - rested for a bit. HE....ah, the man called Shad must have been male....

Azrael practised movement, kicking and punching the air wildly. He - for it was HE now - was happier than ever. He shouted and screamed. The sky responded with lightining. Now was Azrael's turn to see what the world had prepared for him in all these years of sleep.
Evil can never be eradicated from the world..... But it can be kept at bay by fighting. So, always keep fighting..... never cease it  .  

In a distant land, a man meditating at the top of a hill awakens with a disrupted feeling. This man wore a battle suit with a dragon on its back, and exhibited what appeared to be an expensive sword with an expensive sheath. "What is this?" the man questioned in awe, as he felt the presence of a great devilish force on the move.
"Hawk!" exclaimed one of two men running in his direction. "Lynx. Pegasus." answered the man. [1] "Did you feel that monstrous energy?" Lynx questioned. "Yes." answered Hawk, "I had never felt anything so wicked and powerful before, it sent shivers down my spine".
"Let's go back to the temple, we must report this to master Agaya [2] immediately!" said Pegasus. And so the three men left the hill in a hurry towards their hometown.

[1] Since we do not know the official names of the 3 sages, I invented warrior nicknames for them based on their skills.
[2] Predecessor of master Yaga which I also invented.
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The meaning of life is to give life a meaning.
Stop existing. Start living.

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