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[Bug] HFv0.7 | Bug and Imperfection list
This is a closed thread at which I’ll collect all bugs that you guys or I can find. Of course I don't collect them so as for Marti to solve them and fix them (at least not all of them), because some of them are of great fun and make HF unique.
But you and I personally wish that someday tmost of these bugs and imperfections that we will collect will be fixed by Marti, making HF even better and perfect!!! ---(so probably some of these will be deleted if fixed)
The reason why I made this thread and why I made it closed is to have this list free of spamming so as it would be easier for Marti to find everything without effort…

!!! Hero Fighter Bug and Imperfection List !!!

Black Screen Bug and Solution (Click to View)
Network Game Imperfection and Solution (fixed by MangaD) (Click to View)
Background level bug (Click to View)
douple riding bugs (Click to View)
Troops in battle mode picking screen bug (Click to View)
Troops without commander bug (Click to View)
Player’s HP, MP, SP bar bug (Click to View)
At try the game mode, there''s a player’s max level bug (Click to View)
Human players at different teams at battle mode (Click to View)
AI players bug (Click to View)
Bug at story mode stage 6 within the dialogs (Click to View)
At Network Game , after key setting the players froze (fixed by MangaD) (Click to View)
Legge’s bug (Click to View)
At castle jumping there’s a level layer bug (Click to View)
Animation resolution imperfection (Click to View)
Horses continue running after char falls down (Click to View)
AI player is confused and changes team (Click to View)
Bug when entering a room at network (fixed by MangaD) (Click to View)
trapped phoenix arrows (Click to View)
Bugs at room servers fixed (RoomServer Mods) (fixed by MangaD) (Click to View)
Character standing Bug!? (Click to View)
Continuous hits bug (Click to View)
Attack passing through enemy (Click to View)
Spam problem at network gameplay---(annoying) (Click to View)
Sprite problem at warrior of stage 7 (Click to View)
Lack of space at picking screen for troops (Imperfection) (Click to View)
Chars block Titto’s cannon ball from the back---bug (Click to View)
Drew’s whirlwind Swing cant hit bug (Click to View)
Drew’s multi hit that doesn’t hurt the enemy (Click to View)
Sinan gets life from bats after her death (Click to View)
No human player is possible at vs-battle-story mode (!bug!) (Click to View)
Attacks on castle have a level imperfection (Click to View)
Horse on rock or wood Imperfections (Click to View)
At picking screen after the random char it isn’t Lucas (Click to View)
Catching on ride stance is kinda weird (imperfection) (Click to View)
Wood level problem at battle mode bug (Click to View)
Red dot at battle mode (spriting Imperfection) (Click to View)
Commanding troops after death bug (Click to View)
Guard stance imperfection (Click to View)
When a fire soldier get frozen (imperfection (Click to View)
Stop roll midway and postpone blink (Click to View)
4 hits after grab the character won't fall (Click to View)
Character walks diagonally and burns others (Click to View)
P.S. This list will be continuously updated
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